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    Issue Using Remote Object services

      I have three projects 'Main','project 1','project 2'. 'Main' is a FDS project and the rest are 'basic' projects whose ouput points to the corresponding folder in 'Main'. This setup exists on the company development server as well as on my local machine.

      Since yesterday I have been facing issues connecting to JavaObjects from flex on my localhost. I have checked out the source code from the dev server ,so it's same code on both local machine and the server. Inspite of that I have been having problems and getting exceptions.

      My question is how does the web-inf or any of its files[maybe some config.xml file] differ when you are executing the fds project on your local machine and on the server? Since the java team changes thing frequently we keep picking up the latest copy of Web-INF.

      Any advise is much appreciated.Thanks.