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    Is there a way to publish a high-res .ipa from Flash CS5.5 with AIR for iOS?




      I've developed an app for iOS in Flash specifically for iPad 3's. My client uses SOTI MobiControl as it's mobile device management solution. If I publish out of Flash using AIR SDK 3.1 or newer the app is created and looks high-res on the iPad3. When they try to add the app to SOTI for in-house distribution it errors with the error claiming that "CFBundleDisplayName" has been left blank.


      After having looked into it I've been able to find out that when publishing with versions of the AIR SDK older than 3.0, the info.plist file within the app package includes a CFBundleDisplayName. In versions newer than 3.0 there is no CFBundleDisplayName in the info.plist.


      Is there a way to publish for iOS from Flash utilizing an older version of the AIR SDK and having true high-res graphics that will look proper on an iPad3?


      Thanks in advance for any help.