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    Small sections of exported video look choppy

    YellowCalx Level 1

      Hey, guys, I'm new to editing and have recently started using Premiere Pro CS5.5.


      I did some editing on a video and exported it to send to a friend, but some small sections look choppy and jittery, while most of it looks perfectly fluid. On the Program Monitor, it all looks fine, very smooth. Not sure what is causing this problem.


      The source videos are from a Canon 7D camera. Some clips are 1920x1080 24fps and some were shot in 1280x720 60fps for a slow motion effect. (The choppiness happens on both 24fps and 60fps shots)


      The sequence I'm using is DSLR 720p 60fps. I exported using the H.264 format, YouTube Widescreen HD preset, 24fps, Field Order: None (Progressive).


      Here's the video: https://vimeo.com/48899068


      You can see the choppiness at 0:13, the fountain shot. It starts fluid but then gets jittery. It happens again in the bus shot (0:21), where it also starts smooth but then gets choppy. And then also in the last shot on the bridge. Everything else looks great to me.


      Anyone have any idea why this is happening? Is it the settings I'm using to export?


      I'd appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!