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    Video controls

      Hey guys,
      here's what I want to do...
      I have a drawing of a TV and a VCR I made in Flash and I want my videos to play on the TV. I want the controls on the TV and the VCR to control the videos entirely. I haven't started anything yet except for the drawing and importing the videos. I was wondering if anyone knew how to make buttons/MCs control the following actions:

      Timeline control:
      Fast Forward, Rewind, Pause, Play
      Picture control:
      Vertical and horizontal, Color, Tint, Brightness, tracking or clarity

      Thanks everyone!
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          AScracker Level 1
          In flash it's possible for play,pause,rewind and play.But it's not possible for changing the color,tint,brightness and clarity

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            HeMightBeCreative Level 1
            You can change those things as a movie clip but not in Actionscript you mean? I figured out vertical and horizontal but couldn't find any of the other picture control elements...

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              HeMightBeCreative Level 1
              Instead of atarting a new topic here, I decided to bump this with my problem. I have created buttons on my VCR called VCRpause_mc, VCRplay_mc, VCRffwd_mc, and VCRrwd_mc. I want them to control videos that are in a Movie Clip called TV, the first video is in a vidholder called vidholder 1 on a frame labeled vid1.
              Here is the actionscript I wrote and it isn't working. What did I do wrong here?

              VCRpause_mc.onRelease = function() {