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    submit by email - two related questions


      Windows 7 Ultimate

      MS Outlook 2007

      LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2

      Reader X


      I'm very new to LiveCycle & have just created my first form with a "submit by email" button which sends the data from the form as an xml file.


      I can see how sending as xml would make sense if the idea was to use the form to collect data from lots of sources that needed collating (e.g. a survey) but


      1. What if it's something like a job application form, so I'd need to see each one seperately? So, how do I set the email button to send a copy of the completed form itself, as a pdf?
      2. If I do need to collate data, what do i do with the xml file - how do i get multiple xml files from different people to import into.........what, a spreadsheet, a database, something else.....?