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    Cannot get DIV Tag to render.  Help needed...

    Dlewis78 Level 1

      Hi everyone.


      I'm using DW 4 and I really hope I can articulate my issue clear enouogh to get some resolution.  I am working in my Main Content area, which I have labeled as <Div ID="Main Content> in my source code.  I am wanting to reduce the width of this particular DIV, but when I go into the CSS Styles Panel and go to Width, nothing happens.


      I have an embedded CSS rule in my source code for the body which reads:


      body {

           height: 1024px;

           width: 1280px;

           margin:0 auto




      The style I am attempting to my Main Content Area is:


      #main content {

               width: 600px




      Basically, I want to make it a little smaller so I can apply vertical menu on the right side.  As I stated, when I attempt to apply it, nothing happens.


      Some help is certainly appreciated.  Thanks!