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    After Effects CS5.5 Wont Open - Application Just Bounces In The Dock.


      Hi all,


      I appear to have encountered a problem with After Effects... I was working on a project earlier today which usalizes a VideoCopilot plug-in called Element 3D. After a quick break I came back to the project and attempted to load in the 'Free Earth Project' by VideoCopilot. (http://www.videocopilot.net/blog/2012/08/free-earth-project-for-element-3d/). As their site suggests, I had to place a downloaded project folder called 'Earth' into Element 3D's 'My_Models' folder. Immediately after this I tried loading After Effects and encountered the issue. I'm not sure if it's couincidence or directly related which is why I am posting here.


      After Effects does nothing but bounce in the Dock. When I right-click the application I'm met with a 'Force Quit' option, and a message saying "Application not responding". I'm on OS X 10.7.4. I'm not able to tell you what version of AE I'm running, only that it's CS5.5, as I cannot lanch it to find out. All other Adobe products work with no problem.


      I have already contacted the support team at VideoCopilot and they have sent me an updated build of Element 3D in an attempt to resolve the issue, unfortunately though this did not work. Addiitonally, I have tried booting into Safe-Mode and tried to launch the application from there, as well as using Disk-Utility to 'Repair Permissions'. All of these steps have failed to get AE working again.


      If anyone knows of a way to fix this I would be most grateful. I'm working to a very tight deadline and am afraid that I will miss it. Additionally, if anyone has any fixes that doesn't require reinstalling applications that'll be a bonus!


      I've also attached a crash-report to this post incase it's of any use in determining the cause of the problem (I couldn't find a way to attach it directly, so the file is hosted on my website - I apologise in advance if this is against forum rules!) -  http://www.starfireindustries.org.uk/uploads/8/6/6/1/8661295/ae_error_report.rtf


      Thanks in advance,