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    Can rtmfp multicast application take rtmp ingest?




        I am working on the multicast application. In the server-side actionscript, when creating the netstream with groupspec, like:


      ns = new NetStream(streamContext.netConnection, streamContext.groupspec);


        It seems like the netConnection need to be set with rtmfp protocol, since I got the following when I connect via rtmp.



      Multicast NetConnection Status: NetConnection.Connect.Success, Source stream: livestream

      MULTICAST PUBLISH ERROR: Failed to construct multicast NetStream. Error: Error Failed to execute method (NetConnection protocol must be rtmfp if groupspec parameter is present). Reported Error : ., Source stream: livestream



         Is there a way that we can connect to a pure rtmp source at the upstream and do rtmfp multicast at the downstream only?