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    Placed Illustrator files not visually updating in InDesign document


      I've had this problem several times now, and I'm wondering if it's a personal system glitch or if anyone else is having this problem.


      In InDesign CS6, my linked Illustrator files say that they have updated, but they are still the incorrect visual. To better explain, I've attached the graphic I'm working with right now. It is a large Illustrator map with a lot of layers. The file on the right is the old version of the file before I updated it in Illustrator. The file on the left is the same file that I placed in InDesign after making the corrections (client wanted to delete grid lines). These are supposedly linking to the same file but are clearly rendering differently.

      Untitled picture.png


      The only fix I've found is to do what I've explained above - replace all the files. This is tedious (as I have to resize the map on the page each time), but I am more concerned for larger project that might end up needing me to replace multiple files. The Links panel shows that the only difference between the two files is the layer overrides.


      And for clarification: Yes, I saved the file in Ilustrator and then re-linked the files in InDesign. It looked like it was uploading, but nothing happened. It even prints the file wrong if I try to print the page.


      Could it be a weird cache issue?