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    Flashplayer 11.4.400.265 will not install.

    brianko722 Level 1


      I hope this screen shot I took and uploaded here as a ".jpg" digital photo image is legible so you can see the problem I'm having trying to install the latest flashplayer version 11.4.400.265.


      I have tried running the installation from both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, making sure that Java and scripting are enabled in both, per Adobe's troubleshooting page instructions.  I also tried downloading the flashplayer executable file to my desktop, from each browser mentioned here, and running it from my desktop.  The same problem arises no matter how I try to run the executable file.


      My O.S. is Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3, 32-bit (build 2600).  I am running the newest versions of Internet Explorer (version 8.00.6001.18702 - the newest version available for Window XP) and Firefox (version 16.0), with all Microsoft updates installed for my PC as of the date of this posting.  If you need further info., please be specific.  Please note that this same, updated version of flashplayer installed successfully on another desktop PC that is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit O.S., and Internet Explorer 9.


      I have always been able to install all updated flashplayer versions - all updated downloads from Adobe in general - without any problems until now.  The last version of flashplayer that successfully installed was 11.3.300.271 player and plugin.  While going through Adobe's troubleshooting page, as mentioned before, I tried uninstalling version 11.3.300.271, clearing all file caches as instructed, restarting my PC, making sure flashplayer was gone, and then I tried installing the new version 11.4.400.265 again.  The same script-bug failure occurred, even with no previous flashplayer version installed at all.  So, I went back to the Adobe archives and reinstalled version 11.3.300.271 from before, since it is the newest flashplayer version that will install & run on my PC successfully.


      As can be seen from the screen shot, for version 11.4.400.265, as soon as the dark gray Adobe dialogue box opens and begins the installation on my desktop screen, another dialogue box pops open that's entitled "Webpage Error."  It delineates a script bug, and asks "Do you want to debug this webpage?"  It adds that "This webpage contains errors that might prevent it from displaying or working correctly.  If you are not testing this webpage, click no."  Below this message are two checkboxes with the options: "Do not show this message again" (unchecked), and "Use the built-in script debugger in Internet Explorer" (automatically pre-checked when this error dialogue box pops up).  "Yes" & "No" buttons are provided for the script debugging option.  Below that is a white-box window in which there are two lines of cryptic information as follows: "Line: 1"; and beneath that: "Error: Object expected"


      If I click on "No" to bypass script debugging, the Webpage Error dialogue box opens again displaying the exact same information, and another webpage opens automatically in my browser from Adobe simply saying Flashplayer has failed to install.  If I click the "Yes" button for script debugging, I am taken to lines of data to manipulate that I have no technical expertise to know how to debug at all.  As the error box says, "If you are not testing this webpage, click no."  I'm not a programmer, or any other kind of computer professional, and so have no expertise in debugging any kind of software at all.  The ONLY way I can get these dialogue boxes off my screen at all is restart my PC.  They will not delete simply by clicking on the "X" at the top-right corner.


      Obviously, there is a script bug in the installation executable file for flashplayer 11.4.400.265 that prevents it from installing on Windows XP computers.


      Thank you for any help that can correct this script bug problem, so the installation can go through successfully.

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          @brianko722 - Would you be willing to do a desktop sharing session with us so we can take a look at what's going on with your machine?  If so, please send email to ccampbel@adobe.com and let me know a good time for you.


          If you'd just like to get Flash Player installed, please try installing using the appropriate installers on this page:


          http://helpx.adobe.com/content/help/en/flash-player/kb/installation-problems-flash-player- windows.html#main-pars_header

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            brianko722 Level 1

            To Chris Campbell:


            Thank you for the link you provided in your reply to my forum discussion post about the problems installing the newest flashplayer (why didn't I get an email notifying me of your reply?  I had to sign in to my Adobe account and click on my discussions to see it).  Using the installation links on the page your link in your reply took me to, I was easily able to successfully install the most current (11.4.402.265) version of flashplayer, when it had crashed previously too, in the exact same way version 11.4.400.265 did.  I ran the links you sent me for both the Active X install for Internet Explorer, and the Plug In install for all other browsers because I use Firefox as well, with no problems at all.  How is it that I could install flashplayer using the links you sent me to, but it will not install (as shown above) when I try running the updates as they come in from Adobe automatically, or when running the installation from Adobe's downloads page, when neither has ever been a problem for me before?  That sounds like there's something going on at Adobe's end, rather than with my computer.  It may be that, in running the downloads from these normal sources, the appropriate installers were not also included in the executable files from Adobe, so the installation failed because of that.  The fact that my PC was able to install the newest flashplayer at all, using the links you provided, is evidence that my computer is not the problem.  Therefore, for Windows XP machines, please ensure such appropriate installers are always included in every download of new versions of anything from Adobe: Reader, Acrobat, Flashplayer, and Shockwave Player.  Please contact me if there is more about this issue that was not resolved by the download link you provided.  I do not want to have to be concerned that any future releases from Adobe also fail to install because the appropriate installers were not included in the download installation .exe's.


            Thanks again, Brian.

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              brianko722 Level 1

              To Chris:


              In addition to my last reply, if I go to the page your link provided in your reply, and run installations from there, will I get whatever the newest version is, no matter when I go there, or is that link only for version 11.4.402.265?  If it will work ongoingly for all newest-version downloads, I'll add it to my favorites/bookmark it for future use.  Please let me know.


              Thanks again, Brian.

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                pwillener Level 8

                The link that Chris provided will always point to the latest available installers.

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                  brianko722 Level 1

                  Thanks Pat - I have saved the link to that page Chris's link sent me to.  But, what about the usual sources of updated-version downloads - automatic pop-up update dialogue boxes from Adobe on my PC desktop screen, and the "Get Flashplayer" button on the Adobe downloads page?  Those are the sources I was always able to install the newest versions from successfully before - are they going to work in the future on my XP machine, or will I have to go to that special download-fix page Chris provided from now on?

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                    pwillener Level 8

                    Basically, if you checked 'Update automatically' at the end of the installation, Flash Player should automatically update in the background.  Only major version upgrades (e.g. from 11.3 to 11.4) will require a manual download.


                    Usually the standard download page http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ should work in most cases, but if there are any problems with that page, Chris' offline installers will work as an alternative.

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