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    Imported Vectors showing up as "Vector Art Sequence" Not "Vector Art"

    Emily Burrow

      I am using After Effects CS6


      I recently imported a few Illustrator files into a composition in After effects for a project. I Imported them as a composition so I can use the different layers in the document. The files for one of the documents are Vector Art, but the other ones have come in as Vector Art Sequences. I'm not sure the difference between the two. I read on the forums that it has something to do with the "forcing alphabetical order" option box. I have made sure that this is not checked and have tried all the options for importing a compostion, still no luck.


      Is it something that needs to be done to the Illustrator file itself? Or am I doing some incorrectly. Also, I would like to understand the difference between Vector Art files and Vector Art Sequences. All I know is that both can be continuously rasterized, so it doesn't seem to be jeopardizing my project.


      Thanks for your time.