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    adding ambient light?

    Keith_Clark Level 2

      the way my webcam is positioned, is not so good with lighting. the light is on the left side, but not the right. i was wanting to see if there is anyway to add some ambient light, post production (i guess i could buy a desk lamp, there is just no room for that though) but was having no luck. i remember doing some work with Lux a year ago that did nicely for something similar, but i had completely forgotten how it worked, because i rarely use that plug-in, if ever.


      anyway, everything i try, is pure failure. i import the video, create comp, create new solid with a nice off white shade, new layer > light, highlight the solid layer, go to effects, and then lux, the solid disapears except for the light where the light layer is. so far so good. i twiddled and tweaked every value on the light and lux effect pannels, but i cant seem to get the light to shine out, or have more presences, without it just burning a white hole in the center. . i wanted the cone to be outside the window titled to the right, and just use ambient light to add more light in the video. i tried spotlight, ambient, whatever. i tried repositioning the light layer, just nothing i could do was giving me the effect i wanted. any fix for this? am i looking in the wrong places? doing it in the wrong order?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Lux just simulates pseudo-volumetric lighting. Not sure what you hope to achieve with it on ordinary footage. Rather you would have to somehow transform your footage and re-light it similar to 3D rendered footage. That can be done with tools like Trapcodfe Form or the PixelCloud plug-in from AE Scripts to turn it into a point cloud with dispalcment structure or using RevisionFX' Shade/ Shape to extract a normal map and then treat it with tools liek Normality or ZBornToy. Likewise, displacement techniques can be achieved with Freeform/ FreeForm Pro. and, well, of course you may be able to improve your webcam software with a bit of masking, Rotobrush and selective adjustments, too.



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            Keith_Clark Level 2

            Mylenium wrote:


            Lux just simulates pseudo-volumetric lighting.

            yeah, that all dawned on me several hours after i posted that. i got to thinking and i finally remembered why i had used it, and it was to add a different shade of light on a band member with a live shot, which it came out fine, but not what i am trying to achieve. i may just have to breakdown and buy a desk lamp and figure out where the heck to put it. not much available real estate   i may try some of the recomendations.... but probably the best look would just to be to add more light to begin with.

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              It's always to best to fix problems at the source, and in your case, it's the lighting you're using for the webcam.  You'll be a lot happier if you bite the bullet and do what you nned to do.