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    CS6 Table of Contents Update Greyed out


      I have one long indesign cs6 document I'm using to create an ebook. Right now, it is one long story, and the Update Table of Contents option is grey, along with the option "Replace existing Table of Contents" in the create Table of Contents menu. My cursor is on the Table of Contents page, doesn't matter, still grey.


      Is this happening because I have one long document instead of having a different "story" for each chapter?


      I've tried:

      • creating a new Table of Contents with different names
      • renaming the book
      • renewing indesign preferences


      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          One other thought... Do you have more than one TOC? If so, ID would need to know which one to update, so you'd need to either eslect the frame or put the cursor in the TOC story.

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            GreenFrogPublishing Level 1

            Hi Peter, thank you very much for your suggestions.


            I checked, only one TOC. I also tried exporting to idml export. Still grey for updating.


            Tech suuport chat told me to try changing any word in the table of contents, and then create a new TOC style, which I did, and it worked! Only now the TOC is not included in the "story" and is now not showing up at all in Adobe Digital Editions. I've been told my tech support that ADE is not reliable because it is free (and wanted me to buy more software), but the same person also said if it works in indesign, it's working. I'm concerned that because the TOC update isn't working, this will affect epub files negatively.


            Forge ahead or keep trying to figure out why TOC won't allow me to update?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              When ID generates a TOC automatically it is always a separate story. I suppose you could manuall thread it to the other text, if you wished, but that would be a mistake as updating would wipe out the entire story, but perhaps that's not what you mean.


              In any case, I don't do epub, but my understanding is that ADE is not reliable, as the tech support person said, and further, that a TOC gnerated in ID is pretty much worthless since an epub is basically html, and the concept of pages is quite different. Your TOC in ID refers to pages in your layout, but in the epub those pages no longer exist and the text becomes one long scrollable and scalable document.

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                GreenFrogPublishing Level 1

                Thank you Peter for all your help.


                I read the answer somewhere, but can't remember where, so thank you to the person who had the correct answer, even though I can't remember who or where you are!


                Place the Table of Contents on a hidden layer. I now have the entire book file on one layer, and the TOC at the beginning of the long doc on a 2nd layer that is hidden, and everything is working perfectly. They are two separate "stories," because when the TOC is part of the main "story," the TOC prints regardless of what the articles panel says (what DOES that articles panel do, anyway? So far I've found it to be pretty ineffective).


                Uploaded a book to pubit last night, waiting to hear on errors, but I didn't have to touch the html... not yet at least.


                I will report back if there pubit finds errors.


                Thanks again!