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    publishing error

      I have a series of movies that are all linked with 'jump to movie' behaviors.
      One of the movies will not publish. The error seems to be telling me that there is a template missing in Macromedia\Director MX 2004\Configuration\Publish Templates\MX Templates\!None.html
      The other movies will publish without this problem, so I figure my program installation is ok.
      Has anyone got any suggestions?
      I have not knowingly used any templates, but I can't find anywhere where I can check this.
      The publish settings are the same for all the movies.
      Please help me, as usual this is rather urgent!
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          ExploreLearning Level 1
          Did you try to open the one movie that is having the problem? Then go to File -> Publish Settings -> HTML and select one of the templates from the drop down list. Then choose OK and try to publish it. You could also choose to have no HTML output in the publish settings.

          One other possibility (which I've never tried), would be to open the templates folder, copy the default.html file and rename it none.html and see what happens.

          In the past I've only gotten this error when no template had been selected. For some reason default.html doesn't seem to always get automatically set as the default.
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            nevereasy Level 1
            Thanks ExploreLearning,
            that's just what I missed. All the others have a template selected and this one didn't, and I couldn't see it!