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    Help with a smart object


      While I'm in ps cs5 and have converted a layer to a smart object, when I click/double click on the layer or the icon it will not open into camera raw. I have tried this with jpgs, tiffs and psd files, I have no other problems with raw, bridge of photoshop. I have also downloaded the latest patch from Adobe, any help would be appreciated/

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Um, the function of Smart Objects isn't to invoke Camera Raw, in general. 


          You only get that behavior if you open a raw conversion as a Smart Object, in which case the Camera Raw plug-in embeds the raw file in the Smart Object layer in the document.  Specifically because it has done that and is a "raw file smart object" it knows to go back to Camera Raw when you double-click it.



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            Mucklin Level 1

            Thanks for your quick reply, what I am doing is based on a video of editing the smart object in raw then back to ps, I have started in raw and held the shift key to get it to open in ps as a smart object but from all that I read in my search here on the forms I should be able to double click on the smart object icon and it should take me to raw.

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              Mucklin Level 1

              It gets worse, I can open a jpg from the layer palette to camera raw, but I can't open  a duplicate layer or a new smart object via copy. I just want to be able to have two copies of the smart object in my layers palette and to be able to open each in camera raw.

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                Sorry, I misinterpreted your comments before (you mentioned converting a layer to a smart object).


                Yes, what you want sounds like what it's supposed to do.  Is it just doing nothing at all?  No error, ding, or other indication of failure?



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                  Mucklin Level 1

                  Problem resolved, I don't know why but if you use cntrl+j to duplicate the smart object layer it won't open with a double click in camera raw.

                  However if you use the drop down fly menu" create new layer via smart object" you can make as many layers as you like and if you double click you can open them in camera raw and return back and forth.