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    frustrated in AZ


      sorry it's taking me so long to get going each time. Seems inbetween home stuff piles on up..lol...


      well...;it just isn't working. The control shift D, that is. Doesn't seem to be resetting at all. Beginning to wonder if I should just repurchase those that I enjoy most. If I did that with the ADE I have downloaded now, do you think it would open them or read them or would it still show under previous ID? I'd hate to lose any of them. I'm a hoarder...lol...with books anyway...but it's getting pretty annoying and I'd at least have my favorites. Any new suggestions would be great even if it's repurchase...



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          What!  You have something ELSE to do besides play with your computer and

          read ebooks?


          Adobe told me that CtlShiftd will deauthorize the computer.  Then, you

          should be able to go to Library view, and Authorize the computer....


          Here's the text from the Help section:


          "Adobe strongly recommends that you authorize your computer at initial

          activation to protect your digital content. If you choose to authorize at a

          later time, you can do so by choosing Library > Authorize Computer."


          What you can try to do is to go straight to the Library>Authorize Computer

          and see if it works.  If it does not, then maybe we need to get someone

          else to assist in this process.



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            well, you see. nobody explained to me that boys become less sufficient after the age of sixteen. Really. It was a surprise to me too....lol


            All I have to say on the deauthorizing problem...yeah....it's become a problem and I can admit it...sigh...

            is when I open my ADE from the desktop, click on library and then click on authorize computer whether I do the ctl/shift/D thingy...yes I've been lowered to using 'y' words....I get the same thing...A white box with a tan border says....Authorize Computer...this computer has been authorized to: my email..to close this window click finish. Finish is the only thing I can click on unless I right click. then I get settings and then I get adobe flash player settings a box that is checked by enable hardware exceleration and a close button. I'm tapped other than my last suggestion to repurchase ebooks having ADE authorized to email I now have....Sorry if I've stumped you...Pretty sure it hurts me more than you..lol

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              hey hey hey......while this is not a fix at all I wanted to let you know I went ahead and picked one of my ascm books and repurchased it...turns out I even picked one on sale so didn't even spend six dollars. I have about twenty or so of these and if I don't have a choise I can prioritize the list, rebuy one or two as I go. Other estores have gotten a whole lot more money from me than this particular one. It's the only one I use where I end up with these files, thank goodness. Anyway, it opened up in the same two ways it did on my other computer. If I don't pick a specific way, it goes straight to my sony library and if I pick ADE it opens there as well....so at worst, they can be bought again if any one should like to know. However....I'm sure learning how to make those computers such as mine deauthorize on command would be a wonderful thing...lol....so if you find out how then I would love to still stick with learning it and if not.....I still think you're cools...takes a lot to have patience with me and it's been much appreciated. oh oh...also wanted to let you know that when I first bought these books, the little icon next to them once I saved them was or is a white piece of paper with a little purple gear. This time when I bought it, there was the familiar adobe icon in red...if that matters at all....thanks again and I'll stick around to find out if there's an answer out there...somewhere....out there....lol....




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