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    second copy onto macbook? (original for pc at work)


      I have indesign CS5.5 on my pc (windows 7) at work, however I want to download it (second copy) on my macbook pro so that  I can continue working on projects from home. I have found in researching, that this is not possible, even if I download the trial and enter my serial, it ownt work becasue that serial is for a PC... is it true?

      Is there a decent, efficient way I can do this without having to shell out another $600 plus copy of the software? I have heard things about "virtual machine" but I dont know enough and it seems quite complicates...

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Assuming you have a relatively recent Macintosh, you can install Boot Camp. This will allow you to run Windows on your Mac. Boot Camp is free. Do a Google search or read about it in Mac Help.


          You will have to pay for a copy of Windows which you can install on your Mac in the Boot Camp partition. Then you could install a Windows version of InDesign CS5.5 using the installer you have from work (CS5.5 is not sold anymore, only CS6, at least by Adobe, unless you can find a third party who is still selling it). Then you can use the work serial number to run it.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Steve is correct, but you might take note that with Creative Cloud you can get the same two installs/activations but you can use both Mac and Windows. I'm doing just that myself. Windows desktop and MacBook Air.