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    Why can't I read EPub files on my Kobo Touch?


      I have been successfully downloading and reading EPub files on my Kobo Touch for months now. However, after the recent upgrade to the Touch I have been having some challenges. I follow the same procedure as always to download library books to ADE and then drag and drop the file to the KoboeReader icon in the ADE screen. ADE says the file has transfered and the book shows in the Kobo library in ADE. When I disconnect my eReader and turn it on the books do not appear on the Touch. Any suggestions?


      Note: I did try de-authorizing and re-authorizing my Touch and it didn't correct the problem.

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          I have same problem but get helpless help from Kobo. Am about to ditch the Kobo altogether. Everyone seems to be at fault except Kobo.

          I see the epub file on the reader (sent via Adobe digital) from my PC but do not see it from the Kobo Desktop reader. Adobe digital shows clearly it is on there.  Guess they may just be locking us into the Kobo books only.

          Well they have lost me if they have. I am already having heaps of problems with it re conflict with ID in USB drivers with windows 8. To eject or finish my activity I have to power down my computer. otherwise windows 8 freezes. Of course Kobo says it is Microsoft.      ho hum.            just wish someone on this forum may be able to help.  if not my  Kobo is about to kiss my hammer.