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    Adobe preferred AVCHD workflow means TROUBLE for me...

    ElJayBronx Level 2

      My HDR-CX550V came with a program from Sony that stitches together the MTS files on the camera and places them in a directory as M2TS files with a name that's composed of the year, month, date, hour, minute and second of the record keypress from the camera's internal clock, as one long numerical string. The quality is indistinguishable from that of the original clips.


      Adobe wants me, instead of using said file, to copy the BDMV folder from the camera to a folder on my computer; when it sees the senior folder it sees the content as AVCHD and does its own conversion.


      BDMV contains a bunch of directories but the payload is in I THINK the STREAMS directory which contains the MTS files. SO...let's say I record five performances of a local opera company's production of CARMEN. The opera is about three hours long and will consist of some fourteen or fifteen files starting with 0000.mts and going to, say, 0014.mts. Premiere is very smart; it will show 0000.mts, 0004.mts (start of Act 2), 0010.mts (start of act 3) and so on.


      The PROBLEM comes in if I open the CARMEN project which has ten separate sequences (each for a DVD...CARMEN's too long for one SL DVD and I don't use DL, too expensive, time consuming and too many errors), and the system's lost track of one or more groups of files. EACH performance of CARMEN starts with a 0000.mts, and that's all Premiere knows to ask for. It MIGHT help if it would, say, "Where's the copy of 0000.mts that you renamed CARMACT1051211?" or "Where's the copy of 0000.mts that belongs in the 051211P1 sequence?" Mind you, Premiere KNOWS at some level what you (nondistructively) renamed the clip, and it knows where it was used. It just doesn't SHARE that with the user when it loses track...


      So, feeling like more of an amateur at this than I would like, I go back to the Sony "PlayMemories" program (formerly "Picture Motion Browser) and let it do what Premiere won't do...which is to store (as the file name) enough information so I will never lose track of exactly when I pressed "Record" to create it, and if Premiere loses track (say I plug in a disc and it changes the label...YES I can go into disc manager and fix it but that's a hassle too), at least Premiere's telling me EXACTLY what to look for.


      Thoughts? Suggestions? Tips? Thanks!

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          Allynn Wilkinson Level 3

          I agree with you completely.

          I had exactly this problem yesterday with to AVCHD cards.  Premiere lost track of them (not sure why - I didn't move them).  It wanted to link to 0000.mts but I didn't know which one it was looking for.  I ended up having to see which file was longer and which card was bigger.  Simple math, sure, but isn't that what a computer is supposed to do?!


          As you say... Pr obviously knows which one is which or else it couldn't display your new name.


          I understand that .mts files come with their own batch of unique problems but a better Media Manager in Pr would help

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Thoughts? Suggestions? Tips? Thanks!


            Store the media on an internal drive and don't change anything so PP won't lose track the media.

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              Allynn Wilkinson Level 3

              That's exactly what I do.  I have an "archive" drive which all SD cards are transfered to (structure completely intact).  I have a "projects" drive that keeps the working PR project, any still, music, etc.,etc.  The Media Browser points to the SD card structure in the "archive".  Yesterday it forgot where the cards were (even though they had not been moved or re-named).


              In FCP when media goes offline it shows you the path it thinks the media should be (i.e. where it was the last time it could find it).  Does Premiere show anything similar?  If so, it would be a huge help because it would point to the proper card.

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                ElJayBronx Level 2

                John, that's very cute, pat...and smug. Rather than your suggestion, I'll just continue to use the camera-manufacturer's software to offload the MTS files into consolidated M2TS files. So far no one's told me a downside to this. They're the exact files and I believe are stitched together much as if one had used a DOS COPY /y /b X.MTS + 2X.MTS 3X.m2ts type of command to join the files; I doubt there's any chance of degradation in quality.


                The files are named so that if they were all placed in the same directory they would sort in chrono order if sorted by name: yyyymmddhhss.m2ts. That way I can NEVER lose track of a clip except if I have two cameras which happen to click on record at the exact second and that's not likely to happen very often!


                Having multiple files that have the same name is a logistical nightmare unless the software package has a powerful enough media manager to keep robust track. I've made the feature request. I'm not holding my breath and will use the "preferred" workflow when and if I have more confidence it won't BREAK my projects.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                  The link wasn't mean to be smug.  We all what better info when media goes offline.  That happens by LOTS of people asking for it.