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    linking pages, lists... database


      I am making Tabbed view bassed application with the following tabs:

      A, B, C, and D


      In tab B I have a list of items:

      MP dish

      My Dish




      After clicking the MP dish item you will go to a new  view (MP DISH) with the following items:

      Beef dish

      Pork dish

      Fish dish



      When you click on one of this another list will come up with those dishes (beef dish)

      Beef stew

      Beef Curry

      Beef and egg



      And these are then linked with the Dish detail pages.


      The only thing is.... I am not sure how to link these things (from tab B).   Can I individually link items in a list (especially with MP dish MY dish Search and Recipes?


      From the Beef Dish list part I can use the same was as they link the items in the EmployeeDirectory application, so that should be alright...


      Then another question is regaring the Data base..   MP dish section will have a while list of dishes (3000) and in the My dish list you can select those from the MP dish and add new ones.  Should I make seperate databases for that?


      Can I use XML with SQLite or should I just use SQLite for this?   Sorry for these questions, it's a bit hard to find on the internet so I really hope you guys can help me out a bit.