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    where have all my ebooks disappeared to?!


      I've had Adobe Digital Editions in various versions since early 2008, but since about early 2010 I only keep it around to access the books already downloaded as the files have adobe's DRM and cannot be read on my preferred e-reader. This means I don't check it all the time, only when I want to reread those books and as they're novels and not reference, this happens rarely. I last checked it last october/november, and the books were there. But when I went back now, the books are all gone! My library was empty. I have tried re-downloading them from the store I bought them (ebookmall) and the download seems to start normally but then it stops, giving me the following error message (I hope it's correct; I had to copy it down manually because of course, it would not let me copy-paste it):


      Naked in Death:

      IO Error on local file open



      /Users/ikni/Documents/Digital Editions/Naked_in_Death_0015.pdf


      Event Detail:

      Error #2038




      After that, I also tried scrapping digital editions and re-installing it from the web page. It seems to install normally, but my books still aren't there when it does and when I try to re-download them, I still can't.


      I also get a notice from my system that


      Adobe Digital Editions wants to use your confidential information stored in "Digital Editions" in your KEychain

      The authenticity of "Adobe Digital Editions" cannot be verified. Do you want to allow access to this item?

      [Always Allow] [Deny] [Allow]

      I tried both options, deny and allow, and it made no difference - the deny option just made me enter the password by hand, I even reset the password and used the ID retrieval service just to make sure it wasn't the wrong one stored on my computer, but no dice.


      Right now, the main thing for me is to retrieve my books. I don't mind holding onto ADE if I have to, even though I'm not too keen on the application so I have stopped buying books in this format. I just want my books back because we're talking upwards of $200 if I need to buy them again in a different format :-/


      In case it's relevant, I am running mac os snow leopard (10.6.8), and the ADE I have should be the latest version as I downloaded it straight from the website just an hor or so ago :-)


      Thanks :-)