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    What will be in the enhanced DataGrid?


      There's been a so-called enhanced DataGrid in the offing for a while, but I find it vague. Will it have as much functionality as the AdvancedDataGrid? Will it have a tree-like column?


      I'm not just being curious. I need to make a decision based on that. I'm using AdvancedDataGrid but it's not entirely adequate. It does everything right but it doesn't have smooth scrolling, and I use variable row heights. I've seen kludges on the web on smooth scrolling but the kind and helpful authors only provide examples on classes that are not ADG, and they admit their solution doesn't apply to variable row heights. For the moment I render all rows and scroll with a Scroller. It of course scrolls fine, but the application stalls when there are too many rows since it prevents recycling of the item renderers.