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    Credentials on Flash Remoting

    Jesus Iglesias
      Hi again,

      I have an app which uses Flash Remoting to communicate with server. It's on Flex 2b2

      import flash.net.NetConnection;
      import flash.net.ObjectEncoding;
      public class RemotingConnection extends NetConnection{
      public function RemotingConnection( sURL:String ){
      objectEncoding = ObjectEncoding.AMF0;
      if (sURL) connect( sURL );
      public function AppendToGatewayUrl( s : String ) : void{

      gateway = new RemotingConnection( myGtwURL );
      gateway.call( "MyService.getIdiomas", new Responder(onResultGetIdiomas, onFault));

      Now I want to use autenticated services. On Flash it was done with

      myService.credentials(user, pass);

      How to do it in flex?