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    How can I avoid having "XE index" entries in the pdf bookmarks frame?



      I try to use RH9 to create a pdf file, but the contents (= bookmarks) frame looks like this:


      1 Heading 1

      2 XE "Index word 1" /* MERGEFORMAT Heading 2

      3 XE "Index word 2" /* MERGEFORMAT XE "Index word 3" /* MERGEFORMAT XE "Index word 4" /* MERGEFORMAT Heading 3

      4 XE "Index word 5" /* MERGEFORMAT Heading 5


      Apart from the apalling look, these bookmarks jump somewhere, but not to the given topic.

      I know I could create a Word document instead and fix the headings there, but I am trying to delete this step from my workflow, because it is to time-consuming.


      Thank you for any suggestions!