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    Cannot Open File on InDesign 5




      I am trying to open an indesign file using CS 5 and an error come sup saying: "Cannot open "file name". Please upgrade your plug-ins to their latest versions, or upgrade to the latest version of Adobe InDesign."


      Above that it has a list that looks like this










      Where do I find these plug-ins?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          These are standard ID features implemented as plug-ins that come with every isntall of ID. If your file cannot open, it was probably created in CS6 and not saved down to CS5/ CS5.5. You need CS6 to open it or ask whoever created it to save a version that you can use.



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            seld004 Level 1

            Thanks for your help. I will have to get the new version.

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              Does anyone else find it outrageous that Adobe breaks compatibility with the previous year's product by default?  It seems absurd that I have to upgrade my year-old CS5 suite to open files made by CS6.  

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                The software world is moving fast. Keep up or don't get into it. Adobe can't be held responsible for your workflow. if you don't need newer versions then don't buy them. Otherwise simply decide which is more important: Being up to the latest and able to exchange files with others or getting miserable over upgrade pricing and whincing about it on forums. 'nuff said.



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                  I am having this same issue except the file was created in InDesign from CS5 and I am using CS5. Therefore it is not a compatability issue with software. Here is what it says needs updating...



                  Generic Page Item.InDesignPlugin



                  Document Framework.InDesignPlugin




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                    Patricia Frank

                    This is the same frustration I'm having! Been using CS5 for a year, and suddenly after 2-3 weeks of a book being produced, and an ADOBE UPDATE! being installed, suddenly InDesign is missing the Transparent.rpln InDesign file!! I've not had a single problem before this last update - and NO I'm still using CS5 - I've not been able to upgrade. The only other thing that happened was that Acrobat Reader updated itself and suddenly my Acrobat Pro was no longer the default to open pdf.


                    And by the way - TO ALL YOU ADOBE TECHS: this frustrating website doesn't give us the 'help' it is supposed to: the link goes to the wrong page: WHY does the button on the right under "getting started' that indicates help & support GO TO THE 'WORKSPACE BASICS' PAGE!?



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                      BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        Two things...


                        I think from your post that you've updated Reader and Acrobat pro is no longer the default PDF viewer. That's not a surprise. Not sure about Mac, but certainly on Windows the last program installed that can open a file type either will become the default, or in the case of some programs that handle multiple file types and have conscientous developers, may ask if you want the program to become the default. I think in the case of Acrobat, Adobe strongly recommends against having multiple versions of Acrobat and reader installed. You can try to reassociate PDF files with Acrobat Pro (it may require a registry edit on Windows).


                        The forums are staffed by volunteers who are ordinary users, not Adobe staffers, for the most part. If you have a complaint about the forum, the best place to post it would be in Forum Comments, I think, as that is the one place that is regularly monitored by staff.

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                          Patricia Frank Level 1

                          Peter, sorry. I was not intending to insult any of you forum people, and I do appreciate your comments. I was just frustrated at Adobe's lack of assistance, even when I call tech support. Very abrupt, and not helpful at all.


                          That said, you might like to hear the next bit of news:  after our exchange on Monday, I was disgusted and left the software alone for a day. Then yesterday I was using Illustrator, and that dratted Acrobat Reader had again assigned itself to my pdf files. I changed it again, and shut down Illustrator, ready to try again to get some information from the forum and tackle the InDesign problem again. Lo and behold, InDesign suddenly works again!!


                          I have no idea what fixed it (and I've been checking to see that it still works - sort of like checking if the baby is breathing!! - and so far so good. I'm absolutely stunned. Again,the problem didn't resolve after I used 'speedy pc' but only after I told Acrobat Reader XI that it wasn't the default reader.


                          Any idea what Acrobat is telling the rest of the programs to make that happen? Or, if not that, any idea at all what would have caused the 'transparency.rpln not loaded' error message? The only other thing I can think of is maybe the buffer got overloaded, or not enough room on the hard drive or overloaded ram chips. Any of that make sense in your experience?


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                            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                            No idea at all.