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    [ID5,JSX] Duplicate texts of textFrame with overflow

    stoereee Level 1



      When I want to duplicate the contents of a text frame to another, and when the source frame contains overset text, the destination frame only contains the text that is visible in the source frame. How can I duplicate all contents including the overset text?


      This is the script

      var vDoc = app.activeDocument;
      for (i=0;i<vDoc.textFrames.length;i++) {
      var newTextFrame = vDoc.textFrames[1];
      var myMasterTextFrame = vDoc.textFrames[i];
      if (myMasterTextFrame.appliedObjectStyle.name == 'textflow') {
      newTextFrame.texts[0].duplicate(LocationOptions.AT_BEGINNING, myMasterTextFrame.texts[0]);


      Regards, Sjoerd