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    Color Names

    Joce Nunes

      Hello everyone,


      I would like know, if this is possible,  for example, I Create a square with size 10mm X 10mm and next to square a script that writing the name of color that i used that object.


      How bellow in the red area:



      Captura de Tela 2012-09-06 às 08.59.01.png



      Good, thanks



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          CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          the following script works only if your swatches are "Spots"



          select your little squares before running


          var fontSize = 20;
          var spacing = 6;
          var idoc = app.activeDocument;
          var sel = idoc.selection;
          for (j=0; j<sel.length; j++) {
              var ipath = sel[j];
              var itext = idoc.textFrames.add();
                    try {
                              var icolor = ipath.fillColor;
                              itext.contents = icolor.spot.name;
                    catch (e){
                              itext.contents = 'Convert to Spot';
                    itext.textRange.characterAttributes.size = fontSize;
                    itext.left = ipath.left + ipath.width + spacing;
                    itext.top = ipath.top - ipath.height/2+ itext.height/2;