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    GTX 680: Screen dips to black

    Jon-M-Spear Level 4

      Does anyone have a similar exsperience with the GTX 680, 4Gb card:


      1. When scrubbing, the image in the composition windows will frequently dip to black  momentarily - leaving only the layer wireframe placeholders - as though it's having difficulty keeping up with the demands made upon it.

      2.  When adding/removing nodes to a mask using the pen tool, the image dips to black for a second or so after each node is added/deleted - leaving visible only the mask path.


      This was not a feature of the recently removed Quadro FX3800, 1GB card.


      I have tried various preview modes - but to no avail.


      It's irritating to say the lease!



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          I presume you're well aware of the Live Update switch at the top of the timeline.  And that you have a fully-updated NVidia driver for your card.

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            Jon-M-Spear Level 4

            Yes I am, Dave, thanks, and no it's not that. 


            Preview mode is set to adaptive resolution and the timeline updates as I scrub, but intermittently the content across all layers will cut out visually for a second or so - showing only the coloured inverted "V" image place markers.  The image returns the moment I stop scrubbing.  


            I would expect the image to pixellate to a lower resolution whilst scrubbing - if it can't update fast enough - but it doesn't appear to do so. 


            Also, this doesn't explain the behaviour when using the pen tool (oultined above)....


            As I said, this was not a Quadro FX3800 issue.


            As an aside, In Adobe Forums, the text entry panel on my PC has started to display in Times Roman all of a sudden, but changes to the correct display font when posted. It's fine on my Laptop and iPad. 


            Am I having another senior moment?

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              Jon-M-Spear Level 4

              I can only put this down to the vagaries of the GTX680.


              When I preview out to a third monitor via a BM intensity, I have continuity of output on the third monitor whilst scrubbing. 


              Conclusion:  I'm not sure of the technicalities of memory flushing, but superficially, it appears that the 1Gb  FX3800 is more capable than the 4Gb GTX 680.