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    RoboHelp 10 navigation pane font size not changing

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      Some of my projects are compiled with WebHelp and some are compiled with HTML. I was recently upgraded to RH10 after a very brief upgrade to RH9 from RH7.


      For WebHelp, I know I can go into whibody.htm and change the size of index body entries in the navigation pane. In HTML, I would always go to the skin editor and change the font on the Navigation tab. When I do that now in RH10, however, the font doesn't look any different after I compile.


      Is there anything different about RH10 when it comes to changing the font size of entries in the navigation pane?


      And is there anything different about RH10 with the LNG file? In the LNG file, I changed text for the Index tab, but it didn't show after saving and compiling. For example, I changed "Type in the keyword to find:" to "Find:" but it didn't change in the compiled chm file.


      As always, thanks for the expert help. As the lone writer at a company that does a great deal of development, I really appreciate the help (no pun intended). It can keep me from falling behind in our builds.



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          Hello again. (Neil Diamond is on this board?)


          I believe I've figured out how to resize the Index and TOC entries in the navigation pane for HTML by going to the Advanced Settings form from the Generate page.


          But how do you change the size of search entries in that pane? And also, I'm still failing miserably at changing the navigation default wording of Type the keyword to find:.


          Thanks again.