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    Presenter 8:  Problem with seeing embedded video


      My fire department uses Presenter 8 to create SCORM packages with MS Powerpoint and load onto our LMS.  We have one presentation with 4 slides that have embedded .mpg films on them.  However, when we go to Presenter>Preview>Preview Slide, (it converts the .mpg file to flash, etc), and the "slide preview" comes up, we can hear the audio, but there is no video whatsoever.  I followed the security settings guideline that was in another thread, regarding another issue with seeing video, and it did not work.  I cannot even see the video when the presentation is published to the computer.  I am working of the C:/ drive the whole time, and NOT via an external, network, thumb drive, or drop box. 


      When I do: Presenter>Insert>Video,  I insert the file as an "All video files" under the "Files of Type" area.  I CAN preview the file in the pane below.  I click "OK", and the program does its thing, but when I then preview the slide, again, I hear audio, but see no video.  AND, if I do Presenter>Insert>Video>Edit to that same slide that I just embedded the video file on, the editing window comes up and tells me that there's no file on the slide.  What is more, when I afterwards try to re-embed/insert a video onto the slide, I get a cue telling me that there's already a video there, and asks me if I want to replace it.


      This is a major LMS system module.  Is there any way I can get real-time assistance, or can anybody email me?  I'm open to suggestions, because I'm not an IT tech, I'm a firefighter/paramedic.  Thank you for any assistance.