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    WDDX Parse error in cfadmin Mail Spooler respool


      I recently discovered that emails were not being sent and were stacked up in the spooler.  In the CF Administrator interface, I verified that the mail server  connection was fine and it was. I went to "View Undelivered Mail" (under mail spool settings), reviewed the emails that were stuck and selected a random message to "respool".  Unfortunately, on every attempt to respool an email (one or many), I get the following error: "Error: WDDX packet parse error at line 1, column 1. Content is not allowed in prolog.."


      I have restarted the windows service twice, checked my email host...all to no avail. The error still occurs.


      I also unchecked the spooling option and emails (new ones only, not the spooled ones) are coming through just fine.


      I'm running CF9 full on Windows XP.


      How do I get the respool function working so I can send the stuck emails?  all suggestions welcome.