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      hey, just want to say this app is amazing. good job. um. just have a few file questions. 1. does photo shop touch read raw files when you import a image to work on as far as editing? 2. how does the app work. so i am in photo shop and i created folders. so i have psdx files in them. so does the app host its on file storage in the app it self with out taking up- the ipads 16 gb storage drive? just wondering.? 3rd. does creative cloud support raw hosting? under the free account. and again what is psdx file format mean? 4th image size, resloution format how does that work in the touch app. lets say your working on an photo. and you want the image to be 300 depi for printing. how do you change that in the app from 72 to 300? thanks

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Bford225,


          1. Photoshop Touch doesn't currently support RAW files but we have a feature request here requesting to have it added. Please add your vote and any comments you would like to see included.



          2. Photoshop CS5 or CS6 can open projects (psdx files) created in Photoshop Touch, you would need to upload them to the Creative Cloud and then download them on the computer in order to open them. The projects do take up space on the tablet when saved there. You could delete projects off the tablet after you completed and uploaded them to Creative Cloud to save space on the tablet if you wanted.


          3. Yes, you can upload RAW files to Creative Cloud. These preview and can be downloaded like other image formats. PSDX is a project file from Photoshop Touch.


          4. DPI is not available within Photoshop Touch, only image resolution, so DPI would be a variable controlled by the printer driver when printing.