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    When a bug is "deferred" where does it go?


      Where was this deferred to? Does that mean another bug was created somewhere? Where do I go to vote on this issue? It's still happening in beta 3. And by the way, this should NOT be classified as a feature request, because the profs panel has a "default" color setting, and the periods and semicolons are supposed to fall into that category and take that color.

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          Peter deHaan Level 4
          A deferred bug simply means that the bug wasn't able to be fixed for a certain milestone (in this case Flex 3 release). The bug will still be considered for future versions of Flex Builder. And the bug in question should be the only active bug filed. (This could be different if the bug filed was a Flash Player issue though, in which case the bug would be filed in the internal Flash Player bug base and marked as "External" in JIRA.)

          If you are logged in to the bug base, you should be able to vote for the issue by clicking the "Vote for it" link in the left hand column Operations menu. The more votes a bug/enhancement request gets, the more likely it will be fixed or considered in the future.

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            OK thanks. Should it really be "Closed"? Shouldn't it be "Postponed" or something?