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    Getting photoshop extensions to work


      Downloaded a couple of extensions via Adobe extension manager.  Followed all directions, yet when I attemp to use one of the extensions, I see it no where.  Where exactly is the extension located?

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          It really depends on the extension/product that you downloaded. These products are created by Photoshop developers and they can be anything from cs6 extensions to plugins to brushes.


          If you can provide examples of the extensions that you downloaded that will help. If they are trye extensions , they can be found in the Window -> Extensions menu item.



          Adobe Exchange team

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            Tape99 Level 1

            The extension I downloaded and installed was a set of textures from Russell Brown.  Where you indicate I should see the extension is not there.  When I open Window > Extensions, the flyout shows Adobe Exchange, Kuler, Mini Bridge, a dividing line and onOne.


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              Sushmar Level 1

              I installed 'adobe paper textures' and I can see that under Window-Extension after the diving line. After installing the extension, please restart Photoshop. This is in the Notes tab under product details and maybe the video will help you


              This version will allow you to select a folder of your own textures and load them into the panel. Please use the fly out menu to access this new feature. WARNING! If you target a folder containing very large images, or more than 20 images, then the loading process may take several minutes. I HIGHLY recommend that you use smaller textures when every possible.


              Tutorial movie link:


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                Tape99 Level 1

                Sushmar, Thank you for your help.  A manual install was needed.  Is there an issue with using the Exchange Manager for installing?  Would I need to request a separate download address for each item downloaded through the exchange manager?

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                  Sushmar Level 1

                  Ideally no. When you download the extension from Adobe Exchange panel, Adobe Extension Manager should come up automatically and take you through the installation process. After that, you need to restart your point product to see the extension show up.


                  You can try to download other products and see if you consistently face this issue or if this was a one off problem.

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                    Tape99 Level 1


                    I've tried to download other extensions and the problem is same: extension manger says they are installed, but nothing shows in the menu column.  I downloaded and tried to install: Adobe Emailer & Adobe Painting Assistant by Russell Brown and Softskinning by Stephane Baril.  Searching my system, I locate the .ZXP files for the above files in MacHD>Library>AppSupport>Adobe>ExtensionManagerCS6>EMStore>PhotoshopCS6

                    I have reinstalled the extension manager, but nothing seems to work as it should.  My system is iMac a few months old, 3.4GHz, i7, 8GB running Mt Lion.  I use Photoshop daily and really would like all things to work as they should.

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                      Jonathan Ferman Adobe Employee

                      Hi Tape99,


                      It does sound like you had some issues with Adobe Extension Manager but it's difficult to tell what might be causing the issues. Please feel to try and download say another free produt from Adobe Exchnage panel and if it does not open and run Extension manager and install the software correctly let us know here int he forums. We may need to do some deeper investigation with you directly.




                      Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

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                        Tape99 Level 1


                        I tried again to download and install via the Adobe Ext. Manager: Edge Fx lite 1.0.1  The install window in PS opens, I follow dirs to install, check all that I need, close and restart PS after window tells me the install was successful.  I find the installed extension with a check next to it in the Adobe Ext. column next to pallet window, but it is not accessable for each time I click on it to use, I am asked to go through the install process again, which I have tried, but without success.  What would I need to remove so that I can do a complete reinstall of the Ext. Manger and try all this with a fresh slate?  Thanks.

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                          Sushmar Level 1

                          you cannot use the Agora panel to launch the extension. This is probably where you are having an issue. Once hte extension is installed you can access it from the point product based on the type of extension you installed. the agora panel does not launch the extension for you, it only does the installation.


                          for example a CSXS extension can be accessed from the Windows - >Extensions menu. the paper texture application can also be accessed from this menu item at the bottom after a line seperator.


                          hope this helps.



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                            Tape99 Level 1


                            I am sorry for using the incorrect terminology.  I didn't mean to indicate that the Agora panel had the uninstalled/downloaded extensions that I wish to remove.  The panel I am talking about is found:  WINDOW>EXTENSIONS>ADOBE EXCHANGE.  When that window is opened, it shows all the installed and attempted to install extensions.  I want to remove those listed extensions that were unabled to be installed.

                            New Problem--I just opened Photoshop and clicked on the above mentioned panel and it is empty.  Of the two working extensions I installed through Ext Manager, only the Edge FX Lite works.  The paid for Edge FX shows in the menu column, but is empty when I click on it. 

                            Is there a way I can download the Edge FX extension so that I can install it manually?  Clearly, the extension manager is not working for me.

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                              Sushmar Level 1

                              Sorry my bad as well.

                              The agora panel is the same as Adobe Exchange panel.


                              Can you provide some screen shots of what you are seeing.


                              There is no way to remove extensions that you have purchased or downloaded from the MyStuff tab in Adobe Exchange at the moment.This feature is in our backlog.


                              Regarding Edge FX - the latest version is 2.5.4, which fixed a bug where it was not showing up in the latest version of Photoshop. If you go tho the Adobe Exchange Panel, and you download this product again, you should get the latest updated version. Once you download it, you can find it in your temp directory, but you will need to use Extension Manager to install it as it is encrypted.



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                                Tape99 Level 1


                                Thank you for answering my question about the ability to remove items from AE panel.  Concerning the purchased Edge FX-the AE panel indicates it is installed, but nothing shows when I try to open it.  When I try to download another copy, I am told I already purchased it.  I am afraid I do not know where the temp directory is located

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                                  Sushmar Level 1

                                  Can you please send me a copy of what you see when you click on the "mystuff" tab in the Adobe Exchange panel?

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                                    Tape99 Level 1


                                    I thought I had sent a copy, as an attachment to this email reply.  MY Stuff:


                                    The paid for Edge FX started working yesterday.  I did not do anything except to reboot my computer for a backup. What I still want to do is eliminate the 4 extensions listed below the Edge FX lite in that they won't install and I have no reason to see them listed  each time I access the panel.

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                                      Tape99 Level 1

                                      I did the Mac OS update today and now the Edge FX is a no show!!!  What's the best way to remove ALL the files associated with this Extension Manger.  Can't rely upon it to work!!