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    New to  Premiere, .mov file import issues


      I am new to Premiere Elements 10, My mom had it installed on her new computer. I am trying to edit videos but I am running into some problems with .mov files. I have searched the forums and not been able to find an answer that really helps so I am going to put all my info here and hope someone out there can help. I am not the most tech saavy person out there, so it may need to be "dumbed down" a bit for me to understand.

      I have a Kodak Easy Share c160, and I am using an HP Envy17 running Win.7 Premium. My mom bought Photoshop Premiere Elements, back when she fist purchased her computer. I try and import my videos into PE10 and I get "generic problem" as a result I have checked out the "suppored file type" in the help section of premier and it says it supports .mov files. I have looked for updates on the adobe website and havent found any. What am I doing wrong?

      . Any help would be greatly appreciated.