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    Is Acrobat Pro V9.4.4 compatible with Win7?


      Is Adobe Acrobat Professional V9.4.4 compatible with Win7? My employer is planning to move the license for an exiting co-worker from his  XP laptop to my Win7 laptop. I would be using Acrobat primarily for 508 conversions. Thanks!

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          CtDave Level 6

          While Acrobat 9.2 was fully functional in the late Windows 7 betas and the early Windows 7 commercial releases the fact is that the rapid sequence of Windows 7 updates resulted in Acrobat 9.2 and newer Acrobat 9.x dot release updates no longer having *full* functionality.


          A major consideration is Acrobat's PDFMaker.

          In Windows 7 / Office 2010 if you need the use of Acrobat's PDFMaker you need Acrobat X.

          You cannot output tagged PDF for accessibility from the Adobe PDF virtual printer.

          This calls for using Acrobat's PDFMaker.



          A good reference:



          Bottom line: Acrobat X was coded to be able to live in Windows 7. Acrobat 9 was not.

          Work flows to master content properly for output of well-formed Tagged PDF has its own challenges.

          Part of optimizing the work flow is to use applications designed to exist harmoniously in the OS.


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