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    ImporterWindowsMedia.prm plug-in error

    Dan Fredley Level 1

      Screen shot 2012-09-06 at 11.36.51 AM.png


      I've been using AE on a Mac for over 10 years, so this Windows error is new to me.  I removed the plug-in which gets rid of the error, but in the off-chance that I actually need this plug-in, I'm just wondering if anybody knows how to reinstall this or get this working?


      I've installed it on a Windows 2008 Server, which throws the error on AE CS6 startup and 9 render nodes with Windows 7--all of which throw the error in the terminal window when running aerender.exe.  The render nodes are specifically to render AE and C4D projects only, so I haven't installed anything beyond the OS, Quicktime and what's needed for those two programs to render.