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    Getting the last settings of a filter

    Harald Heim Level 1

      When you run a filter with executeAction you need to provide an ActionDescriptor. If this ActionDescriptor does not contain any filter parameters, then the default filter parameters are used when the filter is executed. I would like to provide an ActionDescriptor that contains the last used parameters of a certain filter.


      Is it possible to retrieve the last used parameters of any filter somehow? If it possibe to get an ActionDescriptor containing these parameters with executeActionGet, how do I do it exactly?


      Or is my only choice to save the ActionDescriptor that is returned by executeAction to a file? And then open it again and supply it to executeAction when running the same filter again?


      When you manually run a filter from the Filter menu, Photoshop provides the last used parameters to the filter, so it should be possible somehow. The question is if it is possible to access that information through scripting.


      Thanks for your help.