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    Accessibility>Full check>WC3 WCAG 2.0 results


      I am trying to figure out if when you run the Accessibility > Full check and select WC3  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 from the dropdown menu will it ever return the result "The checker found no problems”?


      I pass using Full Check > Adobe PDF. I pass using Section 508. But no matter how simple the document I always get the result "The checker found problems..." and then it flags numerous checkpoints needing manual verification that have absolutely nothing to do with my document.


      As a test, I created a one word document, it's 24 point Arial, in black, on a white background. It's been tagged, it has a reading order, the document language has been set, there are no tables, graphics, forms, links, web content, or interactivity. It fails everytime.


      The reason I care, is that I have hundreds of documents that I need to ensure ADA compliant and I've been instructed to use the WC3  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. If it won't pass the simplest of documents, how can I trust the results on something more complex?


      This has been making me crazy. I would like to have a definitive answer to take back to the powers that be.


      Thank you for your help.



      Attached is a copy of my test result.

      ADA results.png