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    Adobe .. Upgrade

    m_hartnett Level 3
      This is a common issue I have found.
      I purchased Flex Builder 2 a few months after it was released and paid $500 for the Professional version.

      The price of FB2 drops to $250 in November.

      Here is a comparison of costs:

      Purchased when FB 2 initially released.
      cost $500
      upgrade $300
      total $800

      Purchased when FB 2 droped price in November
      cost $250
      upgrade $300
      total $550

      Purchase FB3 Professional now
      cost $700

      Considering that many adopters of Flex had to push through limited documention and minimal forum support by Adobe professionals ( I am not talking about many of the good developers that monitor this forum .. I am talking about the people that work at Adobe that should be helping out in the forum) this is a slap in the face and another iPhone disaster without the $100 refund.

      I think that Flex is a great product but think very little of Adobe as a company for pulling this kind of trick.
      I tried calling the company for the past couple of days to discuss this with them but hung up after over 30 minutes on hold.

      I guess my only option is to spend another $300 to upgrade all my FB2 licenses. Any company should rely on the good word of the developer community to help build its user base. All Adobe would have needed to do is offer anyone that purchased at the $500 price a special upgrade pricing to get it in line with everyone else.
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          So I guess your uses of FB2 between the time you bought it and the Nov price drop has no value to you? I do not see the point. You say you bought it when FB2 cam out, not days before the Nov price drop. Yes it would have been good if final upgrade pricing was public while the FB2+upgrade was an option, but even that would have meant getting FB3 in several weeks/months rather than now. The value of having the tool (FB2 or FB3) immediately has value. I see no reason Adobe should be expected to make the pricing for you the same as someone that purchases last month or now. And as a side note, the world is not fair, period.
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            Steve Howard, ACP Level 3
            If you pass the software costs on to your clients, then what does it matter

            .... <duck and run > ....

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              m_hartnett Level 3
              We are a small business and we needed to buy 10 copies of this product at a cost of $5000. While this is not a great sum of money, every dollar counts when you are starting a business.

              If you have ever tried to start a business you would understand what I am talking about.

              The product I bought is the exact same product that was offered at half the price only a few months after I purchased it. No different.

              I would not have had a problem had Adobe dropped the price of FB 3 and restructured the upgrade cost. That is just the way things go. But when it is the same product that I purchased only months earlier, I need to question the logic there.

              My last post might have been a little overboard but I am angry at the actions of Adobe. I now need to upgrade all versions now costing me $8000 dollars.

              I think that Flex is hands down the best RIA product out there and I will upgrade but I don't apologize for how I feel and if you search the web you will see there are many people that feel as I do.
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                Michael_Latta Level 1
                Yes buying 10 copies makes it more painful. But, I still do not agree with your point. Lets say you buy a 2007 car in Aug 2006, would you be justified in complaining that they dropped the price of that car in May 2007 just before the new model comes out? What I see Adobe doing is lowering the FB2 price so that people will buy it in Nov and upgrade, rather than waiting for the FB3 release. For that incentive to buy early, they gave up some revenue. That is totally standard business practice. The computer I buy today will be available for 1/2 the price in 2 years, so what? If I need it now, I buy it now. If I can wait, I can save some money. Sales happen all the time. If you want to price shop, then you need to be patient and do without something while you wait.
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                  m_hartnett Level 3
                  All I can say is take the example of the iPhone. It went for 599 and within months it dropped by 200 dollars. Apple offered anyone that bought a 100 store credit because of its actions. This situation is no different.

                  The problem is that Flex is the only game in town. I cannot go shopping around to get the best price for the product. It is sold in only one place. If I could have shopped around and ended up with a high price it would be my fault for not shopping around enough.

                  I do not know how long you have been coding in Flex but version 2 was a hugh change from 1.5. The documentation was available but not all that clear. Those of us coding in v2 needed to do a lot of digging and to understand how to use the product properly. I made sure that I and all the developers on the team went to the forum to answer questions to help anyone out. It is in our best interest to spread flex as much as we can. I believe it is the future of business systems. Much of what flex v3 is now was due to the pains and frustrations of the v2 users.

                  That being said, I believe that Adobe should recognize that. Obviously we will never agree on this and I know it is the cost of doing business. But I don't have to like. I would have had no problem if the product had been out for years and well documented and supported. I know that it is typical business practice to raise and lower prices but it is also in their best interest to take care of those developers that suffered through the initial release.
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                    Michael_Latta Level 1
                    I agree that being tied to a proprietary environment places you at the whim of the owner of that environment. The fact that the SDK is now free, actually makes it quite likely that free tools will be available. I have seriously considered not getting FB3 and just using the SDK and a text editor, except that the AdvancedDataGrid is part of the FB3 license. FB3 itself gives me little value for the money, as the text editor is buggy, the build system is available as ANT tools, and the debugger is very limited to the point that I do not use it. The only reason I will probably get FB3 is ADG and that I can bill my client for the cost. Having the tool available will probably also be worth the few hours it takes to cost justify it, even if it does not become my daily use tool.

                    Given where flex was a year ago (20k per server with all closed tools and libraries), to now (open source, free deployment, etc), I think Adobe has done a good job of responding to the market.

                    When ever I see someone wanting a vendor to give them a break for being an early adopter I just have to disagree. Only those with something to gain are early adopters.

                    As to the iPhone. We bought 2 on opening day or there about. I was surprised greatly with the store credit. I considered the extra 200 well spent for the 2-3 months of use. I think Apple set a dangerous precedent with that move that they will come to regret in years to come.
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                      peterent Level 2
                      If you bought that many copies I *think* you qualified for volume pricing. Please contact your Adobe sales rep and see if you can some resolution to this.