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    Student using HDR first time - image very red, ok after update ONCE, then red again


      I hate to ask in a room full of pros, but here we go. Using WIN7 64 bit

      Purchased CS6 and takiing first class. CS6 ver 13.0.1 64 bit.

      We are learning about HDR. We have been provided 3 dng images of a model (a young lady) to work with.

      I have done the same thing four times and the opening image is darker with a lot of red.


      File_Automate_Merge to HDR Pro

      I select the tree images (they all look nice)

      Make sure the "Attempt to Automatically Align Source Images box is checked"

      Click OK

      PS makes layers, one being a merge to HDR pro layer


      Arrgghhh. I just installed the update (I was using 13.0 64 bit) just before posting this and was going through the motions as I typed in here and...... the image opened perfectly and I was able to do the lesson. However, I tried to do it  a second time, just to make sure...it is very red again. Any help please?