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    Loading SVG in flash using PathToArray


      I am trying to get flash to render an svg image using the itechnica PathToArray class.

      Info can be found here ->http://flash-creations.com/notes/sample_svgtoflash.php

      Any experiences out there with using it with a different SVG than the coloredToucan sample?

      I will supply more details if anyone out there can respond to me. Summary of my problem is below.


      My svg image when opened through a browser shows a green circle with a black border.

      But when I run it through the parser, I see a black circle. The parser first draws the green circle and then overlays the black circle on top creating the

      reverse effect. The browser somehow knows which object is the foreground and which is the background but the parser doesnt. The parser seems to be doing the right thing

      in terms of drawing out the instructions correctly, but the layering of the objects is wrong.

      Any experiences out there with reading SVG into flash? I can provide more details when I hear back from you.