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    Time Remapping Bug


      We submitted this bug to Adobe a long time ago but unfortunately they have just released an update and it seems they completely ignored our request to fix this bug.  So now I'm posting this to the forum so everyone can see the buggy behavior.


      Recreating the bug: Select a clip, modify the time remapping to something other than 100% speed, now try to pan/zoom the remapped clip.  If your computer behaves like mine, any attempt to change the pan or zoom will be ineffective - the pan and zoom will remain unchanged.  If you set the clip back to 100% speed, changing the panning and zooming will behave correctly.  If you do not experience this bug then it might be particular to the type of footage being edited, in this case I am working on an R3D file (Win7 x64 Core-i7, 12GB Memory and an NVIDEA-GTX570).


      This is a fairly major bug, the fact that Adobe ignored a request to fix it (a request sent to them several months ago) tells me that Adobe no longer cares about supporting their products.  Likewise they never fixed the bug where the effects scrollbar slider goes wonky at high magnification (a bug we submitted months ago as well).  From here on out I will be recommend to people that they avoid Adobe products.

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is a user- to- user forum, so it is unlikely that your expression of dissapointment will be of positive value. Please submit a feature request with Adobe to fix it.  The more requests, the more likely we will see a fix in the next verson.


          I assume you know of the workaround to do the time remapping in a separate sequence and then import the sequence to do your pan and zoom.

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            shooternz Level 6

            From here on out I will be recommend to people that they avoid Adobe products.



            And what will you recomend to them instead? 



            Fixes at Adobe can take a long time.  They never even fixed the "Pane creeps" in the Titler and that started somewhere back about CS2 or CS3!


            Still irritates me because it should be simple.  eg make it a fixed frame size.


            Just asking for it does not necessarily mean it will ever happen.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              any attempt to change the pan or zoom will be ineffective


              Those are camera moves, not something you do in post.  Are you referring to the Position and Scale parameters of the Motion effect?


              If so, I see that keyframes set for those parameters do not seem to function on a time remapped clip.  However, all you have to do is right click the remapped clip and hit Nest.  You can then perform Motion keyframes as normal.

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                Lowkus2 Level 1

                Yes, position and scale parameters are what I'm refering to.  The problem with nesting is that it becomes a hassle to modify the speed within the nesting since it is not tied to the zoom/position outside the nesting.  For example, if you have a clip running at normal speed, and let's say you've set the zoom to be 100% at the start of the clip and 0% at the end of the clip.  If you then slow the speed of the clip down to 50% (within the nesting), you will now find that the zoom outside the nesting will not be stretched to accommodate.  So the zoom will now start at 100%, reach 0% half way through the clip, and then continue with 0% until the end of the clip.  Every change to the speed inside the nest will require manual modification to the position/scale outside the nest just to keep the outside and the inside in sync.

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                  Lowkus2 Level 1

                  In terms of alternatives, I usually propose open source if it's available.  In the case of Premiere there aren't any good open source alternatives so I will have to tell people to go with whatever other software app they're considering.  Vegas Pro seems to be what people usually mention to me as their alternative choice.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    Set your speed first, then nest, then change the Motion parameters.

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                      Lowkus2 Level 1

                      A certain speed that looks good when it's a full-frame shot, does not necessarily when zoomed in.  I like to tweak an approximate fit for the speed, then change the zoom/position, then tweak the speed, then tweak the zoom/position.  Repeat over and over until I get things just the way I want them.

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                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                        Well then you're hosed.  At least until Adobe changes the way PP works.

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                          same problem, already done what you say, and still the same problem. Zoom in and zoom out doesn't work with time remapping... Hi-end software????

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                            grégoireb42119991 Level 1

                            Impossible. If you touche the time remapping, impossible to change the zoom and position.