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    Action Script 2.0, custom classes

      I'm working on OS X 10.5 Leopard with Flash Professional CS 3 and my question is related to OOP.
      I've decided that I want to learn an OOP on AS 2.0 and when I'm defining a new class in *.as file ( cause it's forcing me to do it ) it still keep saying that classes need to be defined in *.as i supposed it was my newbie syntax so I have downloaded pre-made by someone class but still same issue.

      Files look somehow like this :
      FLA file :
      #include classname.as
      onLoad = function () {
      var myVar:myClass = new myClass();
      AS file :
      class myClass {
      checked syntax and so ( it keeps saying it's correct).
      Waiting for fast reply ;-)

      Thank You very much