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    Cutting tool CS6


      O.k. let's see how to tell and explain this. I'm not native english so..


      I'm used to work in CS5. Now i've downloaded a trial version of CS6 just to see if it's my thing.


      Now, there is something i do not understand. The cutting tool. In CS 5 i could give my own dimensions and resolution. Now in CS6 i can make a pre-choice. Takes a few extra "clicks". But i do not like the new cutting tool.


      Is there a way to adjust the cutting tool option as it was in CS5?

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          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

          Are you confusing the crop tool of Photoshop with the edit tool in Premiere Pro?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Jon points out, the Crop Tool in PS offers what you describe, where the Razor Tool in PrPro is for Cutting a Clip.


            You CAN Crop in PrPro, but it is a slightly different operation. There is a Crop Effect, that can be applied to a Clip, to reduce the number of pixels seen.


            One of the big differences between an Image and Video, is that Video has a set (in the Sequence) Frame Size, where an Image does not have such a constraint. Also, Resolution (such as DPI, or PPI) has no real meaning in Video, unlike an Image meant for viewing on a computer, or printing.


            Good luck,