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    Repeated TAR PM issues on Windows servers




      I'm attempting to assist a client who is having stability issues with CRX on Windows Server 2008 R2.


      They're running 54 (so CRX 2.2) and are repeatedly seeing issues which I believe amount to corruption of indexes. This is happening on both 'vanilla' environments with no patches (I know, I know...) and those with


      For example, we often see exceptions like:


      05.09.2012 01:20:04 *ERROR* TarPersistenceManager: Failed to read bundle: 47c1d06f-214e-4d1e-9477-414b450ba26d: java.io.IOException: File not found: 191 (TarPersistenceManager.java, line 1194) java.io.IOException: File not found: 191

                      at com.day.crx.persistence.tar.TarSet.getInputStream(TarSet.java:731)


      In some cases the consistency checker is able to resolve the issues, in others not. Either way, the frequency of 'corruption' is extremely high, way beyond anything I've seen at other clients (although I've never seen CRX used on Windows in production).


      We're obviously taking this up with Day Care, but I'm wondering if anybody else has seen any gotchas with CRX 2.2 on Windows servers that could lead to these kinds of issues. The kinds of things I'm thinking about is stuff like Windows search indexer interacting meddling with TARs and upsetting indexes...


      Has anybody scaled out CRX 2.2 on Windows and seen similar issues?


      Equally - has anybody ever seen any bad coding practices which can lead to repeated corruption (there's a lot of concurrent projects hitting these environments of varying quality levels)?


      I realise this is a long shot, and that DayCare is our best but, but I'm just throwing it out there...





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          tb7032 Level 1

          Hmmm ok.


          So I've now established that the CRX fixes were not properly applied (the repository was not in the default location). Things are now making a lot more sense. I'm much more comfortable about CRX corruption on an unpached 2.2 crx (which I remember having numerous issues when it was released).


          I'm still interested in any good CRX on Windows battle stories though...

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            Yogesh Upadhyay Level 4

            1) Yes. Make sure that CRX Hotfix is installed correctly. For that you can go to CRX HOST:PORT/crx and check the version number on header. It should show something like


            2) In some cases the consistency checker is able to resolve the issues

            I doubt consistency check will resolve file not found issue. Please see http://www.wemblog.com/2011/11/how-to-fix-file-not-found-issue-in-crx.html if that helps.



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              tb7032 Level 1

              Thanks Yogesh, yeah that's exactly how I realised that they'd botched the installation of the fixes!


              They did try the consistency checker before getting me involved, but the damage was too severe (effectively a huge chunk of the repository had gone).


              I guess the missing TAR file (or erroneous index entries) are a bug in the PM's logic to remove data TAR files which are no longer referenced in the indexes. I vaguely remember CQ 54 / CRX 2.2 having a few issues of this type, but I'd never seen anybody leave it unpatched long enough to allow these kinds of problems to occur...