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    Photo Shop CS6 Install Errors. HELP  (ANYONE ELSE)


      I am installing CS6 Design Standard on a MacbookPro 8 mgs ram, system meets all requirements. Yesterday Adobe Tech Support and I were on phone 3 1/2 hours trying to remedy the problem. NO GOOD. Still the same issue.


      I get error messages and also when I get into the program it also states that the extension files are missing etc...

      { If anyone else has this or knows how to fix this please help }

      But the install failed and Minibridge didnt install at all, and does not show up or work at all.

      PS open and appears to work some but it states it failed to install and gives me the following error messages;


      0 fatal / 4 error / 0 warning


      Payload {4FFA830C0-007A-4DB3-955C-B5EEE73BEDAF} Adobe Switchboard 2.0 2.0 0.0.0 ---------

      Error: DF013: Failed to delete plist path at / Library/Launchdaemons/com.adobe.switchboard.plist{seq 20}

      Error: DW063: ARKCmdFS.dylib:failed for command serviceinstall - error: 7 {Seq20}


      Error DW050: The following errors were found during install:

      Error DW050  -  Adobe Switchboard 2.0: Install Failed

      Error: DW050 - Adobe Mini Bridge CS6: Install Failed


      Please contact me if you can help me



      fyrphoto@gmail.c o m