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    after effects cs6 multiprocessing




      i have a problem with ae cs6 and multiprocessing. it was working fine for few months and now i am starting to having problems.


      sometimes it works just fine, most of the time it get's stuck on initializing background procesess, and sometimes it renders 2 frames and get stuck there.

      i tryed multiprocessing on same setup on cs 5.5 and its working without problems.


      when it fails to do the multiprocessing, the whole aplication stops. even if i cancel the operation if i move a single frame it just crashes and go into not responding mode...


      my setup is i7 2860qm, 16g ram, i have multiprocessing enabled for 5 cores (2g ram for each core). everything is set up the caches and everything. it was working okay for some time now i just cant get it to render anything. it even stuck all the cores on 100% and even after i close ae the cores stay on 100%. i need to go manually into task manager and close te remaining ae processes for it to go back to normal.


      if multiprocessing is disabled the app works just fine.


      i tryed to reinstall ae, and its still the same. i am thinking of reinstalling windows.


      thanks for your help

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          I'm having the same exact problem.  I DID reinstall windows and CS6 and it didn't fix the problem.  Windows itself starts acting very poorly after AE does it's 100% cpu/freeze thing.  I'm at a loss.  I have work to do and spending another 2 days reinstalling my OS and programs isn't at the top of my "to do" list.


          Any thoughts?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            We cannot know, since you did not provide any system info. Regardless, for both issues the behavior is probably a missing or flakey hardware driver that handles power management and/or TurboBoost on coreXi processors, maybe combined with a wrong BIOS/ EFI setting. anyway, that's geek territory and nothing that can be resolved easily on a forum.