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    Importing CHM files

    Daniel F
      I inherited a user manual, originally in the form of a monolithic MS Word document from which PDFs could be created in any number of ways - and an outsourced RH *.chm help file.

      We have moved to the Tech Comm Suite (patched.to latest level).

      I have successfully converted the manual to a FM book, the PDF's are fine and I can even generate an RH file - of sorts.

      To get the RH formating to be as before I tried to open/import/... the old CHM file - without success, despite the existence of instructions how to do it in the RH Help - do a search on "Decompile". The so-called HTML studio doesn't exist in the TCS version of RH.

      (There are third party decompilers, but they are less than satisfactory since there is no obvious way to use their output with RH.)

      What now?