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    Create interactive pdf - using buttons but pdf should not be a form


      I'm creating an interactive portfolio in Indesign CS5.5, using buttons linked to the relevant pages. When I export it to an interactive pdf, the pdf keeps opening as a form (purple banner at the top saying: 'please fill out the following form etc...). When I click 'highlight existing fields' nothing is highlighted simply because there's nothing to fill out. If I click on 'edit forms' I see all my buttons but I can't seem to change anything in the settings related to making this pdf a 'form'. Is there anyone who knows how to avoid this problem? I want the pdf to be an interactive pdf but not a form. When I use only hyperlinks the problem goes away but the buttons have a rollover effect which I want to keep.


      Thanks in advance!


      Screen Shot 2012-09-07 at 19.54.20.jpg